Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

MAIANDROS  with Antoine Chessex & Jérôme Noetinger

Antoine Chessex, Francisco Meirino, Jérôme Noetinger

LP - Editions Cave 12 - C12 A 08, 

released April 24, 2022

Side A : « Cocyte & Phlégéthon » 19:50

Side B :  « Tunnel » 17:20

Testimony to the first encounter of the trio during a concert given at the cave12 on the 28.10.2020, on the same evening of the new Covid announcements which brought on a re-confinement in France, and eve to a six-month long shutdown of cultural places in Switzerland. A concert from which we emerged staggering and with burning ears due to the ongoing crisis surrounding us. A masterful sonic performance. Before silence.

     Drawing from the dense and intense sound material of the evening, Francisco Meirino carried out a work of mixing and cutting, thus releasing an account of it, conceived for vinyl support and domestic use, an auditory result with a fascinating tension/frame.

     Swirling field recordings, urban/mechanical sounds, ghostly radio, cannibal revoxian magnetic tape, unrecognizable saxophone chants from hell, synthesizer manipulations, intermingle and merge into a sonic flow of pure permanent tension. An uncompromising and hallucinating sound journey of the very first order. A captivating back-and-forth, rich and spiralling between different levels of listening, filled with recognizable or unrecognizable sound materials and disturbing textures à la perfectly mastered dynamics, on a knife edge of abyss & time. And with, on the album, a simply gargantuan, corrosive, and overwhelming B-side!

Antoine Chessex: Tenor saxophone, amplifier, electronics

Francisco Meirino: Modular synthesizer, contact microphone and transducer

Jérôme Noetinger: Revox B77, electronics

Live recording on 28.10.2020 at cave12

Sound engineering: Benjamin Ephise

Editing and mastering: Francisco Meirino

Cut: Frédéric Alstadt at Studio Angström

Cover design: Xavier Robel + David Mamie

Production: cave12