Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

The Imitation Of An Action  with Ensemble Contrechamps

CD/digital, released by Firework Edition Records, 2022, FER1131, 4 panel digisleeve, reverse coating print.

Available on my Bandcamp

11.- euros for the CD ed. 250 copies

7.- euros for the digital ed. 

Two compositions that I wrote, performed by (and with me on electronics) The Ensemble Contrechamps, from Geneva, Switzerland.

This CD, released by Firework Edition Records, features two pieces recorded in 2019 and 2021 with the musicians of that amazing contemporary ensemble.

with :

Akiko Ahrendt : violin

Martina Brodbeck : cello

Laurent Bruttin : clarinet

Sébastien Cordier : percussions

Thierry Debons : percussions

Samuel Fried : piano

Maximilian Haft : violin

Francisco Meirino : electronics

Stefan Wirth : piano

These pieces are based on the idea of acoustic instruments imitating electronic sounds created by a live performer. The core, structure, and length of the pieces are defined by a graphic score that leaves room to the musicians for the imitation of those sounds. Off-balance patterns are guiding the listener through tension and decompression, unease pitches, all into a beautiful sonic malaise.