Francisco Meirino                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

LA GUEULE DU LOUP with Eryck Abecassis

digisleeve CD, Fragment Factory (Ger), 300 copies, Performed and recorded at GRM studios in Paris, edited at home.  

Assembled, performed and recorded at GRM studio in Paris by Eryck Abecassis and Francisco Meirino, edited at home in our home studios, mastered by Francisco Meirino at Shiver Mobile. Artwork & layout by Francisco Meirino

Track listing 

Acéréés 04'17

La Nuit 12'32

L'Agneau 04'07

En Argent 06'53

Les Traces 08'50

L'Antre 06'16

Perdu 06'24 

"La Gueule Du Loup" explores raw improvisation in a crude, almost cruel manner. On this project the two musicians build musical pieces free of pre-existing structures  or recorded sounds. The electronic matrix arises from the modules and is immediately  propelled into the atmosphere. The two unpatched modular synthesizers first suggest  a virgin circuit, patches are build during the performance, during the composition.  Cosmetic memory plays a secondary role here, catapulted sytles shoving the idea of  unified styles, this is another memory, where the patch is a substitution to ensure a sound coherence of elements, tones, micro-tones, rhythms, order and chaos.

R E V I E W 

Vital Weekly

Here we have the return, after what seems to be some absence, of Francisco Meirino, one of those noise musicians whose work I quite enjoy these days. Work by French bass and modular synth player Eryck Abecassis was reviewed throughout the years, mainly when performed by him and composed by Kasper T. Toeplitz, but in Vital Weekly 1002 we also had a solo CD of his modular synth playing. Meirino has the same instrument here, and of course I know no two 

modular systems are alike. They met up at the GRM studios in Paris, in November 2015, and recorded a whole bunch of stuff together, which they mixed at home, resulting in the seven pieces that can be found on this CD. Something I noted before: the modular synthesizer is like the new laptop. Not in size, far from it, but the fact that everybody seems to be using these these days. A duet between two people them is hardly something you never seen before. I enjoy the way they have a somewhat noisier approach to the modular synthesizer, with some nasty and gritty modular working overtime, leaving out the soft bits and pieces. Many of their peers would go out for something that is more ambient perhaps, flowing and/or a downright Tangerine Dream rip-off but these two gentlemen go deep for the more extreme possibilities without planning things to be an all-out noise excursion. I think I wouldn’t have liked it any other way; intelligent noise is what we want I guess and that is something we surely get with this release. These are fifty minutes of sonic overload, but nothing mindless; everything that needs to be in here is there and everything else is left out.


La Gueule Du Loup, live at Instants Chavirés 03.09.2018.

On the Serge Modular System of La Muse En Circuit.