Francisco Meirino                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


Cassette, A5 zine, postcard, sticker and pin-button, Research Laboratories, Ltd 35 copies

Available as a limited cassette ed. of 35 with A5 zine, sticker, postcard, and pin button, or a digital-only with pdf zine.

The physical cassette edition, limited to 35 copies, is sold out. it came with : 

- a 24 pages zine, A5 on heavy paper

- a postcard

- a sticker

- a pin button badge

The digital version is available on my Bandcamp page and comes with :

- a 24 pages zine, on pdf

- a jpeg of the postcard

« Something Always Remains » deals with audio, visual and mental artefacts. It’s a 30 minutes piece of music concrete and weird electronics, made with tape echo, tape recorder, violin, autoharp, modular synth, voice and field recordings,
released as a very limited cassette (35 copies) by the UK label Research Laboratories.

Recorded, assembled, and mastered in 2021 by Francisco Meirino at Shiver Mobile.