Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

Three Realizations for Ensembles

CD, Misanthropic Agenda, 2019, MAR 052, 4 panel digipak, matte finish

13.- euros (shipping included)

Three compositions written by Francisco Meirino for two music ensembles : Epidemic for Ensemble Phoenix Basel and Nabla & Ghetto(phase IV) for Ensemble Vortex.

Using pitch and timbre of traditional acoustic instruments Meirino’s unique compositional voice speaks out. Guiding the listener through tension and decompression, unease and malaise.

Performed by Ensemble Vortex and Ensemble Phoenix Basel. Recorded 2016-2019, Mixed, edited and mastered by Francisco Meirino at Shiver Mobile in 2018-2019.

Track listing.

Nabla is a quintet for strings and bass clarinet composed by Francisco Meirino for the Quadrilatère project, performed by the Ensemble Vortex, Genève. Recorded live in 2018.

Patrick Schleuter : violin

Rada Hadjikostova : violin

Elsa Dorbath : cello

Tomás Fernández : double bass

Anne Gillot : bass clarinet

Score / Instructions

Ghetto (phase IV) is a quintet for strings, bass clarinet and electronic composed by Francisco Meirino, it is based on « In the ghetto » an original composition by Laurent Estoppey, this is the fourth and final rework of that piece for the Quadrilatère project the performed by the Ensemble Vortex, Genève. Recorded live in  2019.

Aurélien Ferrette : Cello 

Benoît Morel : viola

Hannah Walter : violin

Anne Gillot : bass clarinet

Francisco Meirino : electronic back tape


Epidemic (in memory of Daniel Buess) is a piece for 10 instruments and electronics composed for the Ensemble Phoenix Basel. This piece was commissioned by Daniel Buess who sadly passed away in march, "Epidemic" is dedicated to him.

Christoph Bösch : flute

Toshiko Sakakibara : clarinet

Remo Schnyder : saxophone

Nenad Markovic : trumpet

Maurizio Grandinetti : electric guitar

Wojciech Garbowski : violin

Sebastian Hoffman : percussions

Samuel Wettstein ; keyboards

Aleksander Gabrys : double bass

Thomas Peter : electronics


The Ensemble Vortex recording Nabla

The Ensemble Phoenix Basel recording Epidemic