Francisco Meirino                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


Vinyl LP

Label : Cave12 ‎– c12 A 05, 250 copies

Format : 12’’ - 33rpm

Available on my Bandcamp 

A    untitled        19’53

B    untitled        20’55

Composed, edited and pre-mastered by Francisco Meirino

Design by Xavier Robel

Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker, at Dubplates & Mastering

Produced by Cave12, 2018

This piece is a commission by the Mos Espa Festival, is mostly composed from the (MEG) Geneva Ethnography Museum’s sound archives. Composed in 2016, it has been re-edited by the artist for this present LP edition by Cave 12 records.

In the MEG's archives, I first looked for acoustic events that I’ve edited, filtered, and extracted from their original context. I thus obtained a sufficiently abstract sonic-substance to be able to transform it into a hypnotic, psycho-active sound piece in the spirit of the *musique concrète*.

Some of the same effects are used as a trans-communication technique by shamans and other social or religious actors who use sound to gather / fill / manipulate their listeners. It is in this correlation that my work resonates with the concept of the Mos Espa festival, the jungle spirits, shamanism, trance music and so on.