Francisco Meirino - Sonic Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

Upcoming Live Performances

S O L O  &  C O L L A B O R A T I O N S 

24.01.19 L’Abri, Genève, Switzerland, Quadrilatère project a collaboration with Ensemble Vortex, + pieces by A. Agostini, F. Huguet, L. Estoppey

09.02.19 Obsession Records, Lausanne, Switzerland, solo set + Frantz Loriot & Christian Wolfarth

22.03.19 Théâtre St Gervais, Genève, Switzerland, collaboration with Vincent de Roguin

xx.09.19 Ausland, Berlin, Germany, solo set + Stefan Roigk - TBC

xx.10.19 REM Festival, Bremen, Germany, solo set - TBC

13.10.19 Cave 12, Genève, Switzerland, collaboration with Carl Michael Von Hausswolff 

08.11.19 High Noise Area Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, solo set 

14.12.19 Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland, modular solo set + duo with Nina Garcia(Mariachi)

15.12.19 Cave 12, Genève, Switzerland, modular solo set + duo with Nina Garcia(Mariachi) 



10.05.19 The Centerpoint : Méryll Ampe, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

21.06.19 The Centerpoint : Olga Kokcharova, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

20.09.19 The Centerpoint : Louis Schild, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

01.11.19 The Centerpoint : Emma Souharce, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

13.12.19 The Centerpoint : Nina Garcia, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne



Past shows

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