Francisco Meirino                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


CD, Misanthropic Agenda (USA), 2014, digipak, Ltd 200

Part one : The Sacrifice 10'46

Part two : The Incredulity 7'43

Part three : The Crowning 14'07

To be listened to in a continuous session, recorded by Francisco Meirino and Gerritt Wittmer in 2014, mastered at Shiver Mobile by Francisco Meirino.



Swiss tour CD that explores the tension between the prepared concept and possible errors of a concert performance. Where MEIRINO FRANCISCO focuses on unwanted sound, e.g. the background noise of a speaker, the faulty circuit of a car clutch, using computer, electro-magnetic sensors, synthesizers, field recordings, tape machines, and contact microphones, GERRITT WITTMER mixes abstract, vocally expressive narratives with precisely timed body work. The three parts of The Confidence Of Being Lost are intended to be listened to in a continuous session, influenced as it is by the current state of global consciousness. A deep and thought-provoking quest for answers that do not exist. Magical and haunting


Collaboration entre deux artistes d'une musique expérimentale qui interroge autant sa propagation que ses outils. Ces derniers sont largement auscultés pour créer une collection étendue de parasites, un souffle de machines parfois mixé avec celui de voix humaines, murmurées ou rapportées. À deux le travail se complète parfaitement pour créer une véritable dramaturgie, envoutante et musicale.