Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners





In january 2017, I gave a 4 days workshop called « Composition / Anti-composition, sound recording, experimental music and radical out of context listening » at the HEAR art school in Mulhouse, France, 


« Capturing the sound space, making the inaudible audible and composing with the everyday, here are the challenges of this workshop led by Francisco Meirino. A story, if not an atmosphere. Feedback, if not electromagnetic capture. Forgot the effects, the sound is raw and pulled out of its context to arrive at a collective composition of 20 minutes. The various captures between hard disks, tools, magnetic sounds and voices have made it possible to create a common assembly between structure, chaos and musicality. »


Two pieces my own solo and a collective piece done by the students, both pieces are composed with the sounds of Elise Demange, Mireille Reiners, Silviane Den Goer of Herve, Raphaëlle Doineau, Medhi Hivert, Fanny Bresson, Louise Fauroux, Adrien Marie-Hardy, Ugo Sebastiao, Agathe Siffert, Elsa Broustet, Dharana Giannetti, Augustin Soulard, Victor Donati, Emma Kerssenbrock, Philippe Paulin and my own.